Friday, November 25, 2011

Yuk - Pushups

I hate them, but endure the torture every other day.  Sometimes, I'll stop at the 49th and say I did 50. :)    They just suck.  But, the reward of doing them overrules the punishment, so I tolerate the pain.   There are claims most people can't do 10 in a row.  Can you?  Of all the people I know, the discussion of how many push ups can you do never came up and I truly don't know who can do 50 in a row.   There has to be someone -- show your face!   Here's a website that will help you get to 100.   Sports Medicine gurus claim it's the perfect exercise.

And how was Thanksgiving?  I ran in the morning to compensate for the over-indulgence I knew would overtake me.  Yes, I ate too much too.  Feel like crap today, as usual.  Rick and I plan to head to Rattling Creek for a little cement work on the big bridge footer to be ready for next weekend's bridge retrieval session on December 4.  I'd sure like to do a run, but not sure it'll work out.  I'll have to wait and see how the day goes. 

Saturday is garden day and Sunday is kayak day.  Still not much biking going on.  It'll likely wait until spring now.


brett said...

boy pushups? thou art tougher than i.

Chili said...

Are there any other pushups tough boy? :)

We gotta get your woMAN doing boys rather than those sissy girlie things she does.

brett said...

one set a fiddy or a total of fiddy over a couple sets?

Chili said...

just did 28 in a row. Yeh!