Monday, November 21, 2011


All it takes is dropping down some bucks for a race and the energy is flowing again.  Now that I signed on the dotted line for both the Humdinger Trail Challenge on March 3 (7 miles) and the Hyner View Challenge on April 21 (16 miles), I'm revived!  The lackluster doldrums of trudging along at slow speed with no goal in mind is gone.  It feels good to be researching training plans and jotting down distances and times I need to complete to be ready for 16 miles in about 5 months.   Rick says, "oh, there goes the paddling because you have to train."  No honey, I only need to do one long run a week  and the other 3 or 4 runs will be an hour or less and you won't even notice I'm doing them.    He seemed satisfied. I know I'm happy again.  What is with this training thang?  Can't wait to climb a mountain again!

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