Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanks Geraldine -- I Needed That!

Rick's 93 year-old mother, who has macular degeneration and comments about not being able to see much anymore, says to me on Sunday, "Jill, are you gaining weight?"  Yes, Geraldine.  "How much did you gain?"  About 15 pounds.  "I can tell [and she points to my upper body]."  ARGH!  Actually, it's just what I needed hear to kick me in the ass and motivate me MORE into finally trying to drop these ugly menopausal pounds.  Rick insists it isn't menopause.  Ok Rick, whatever you say.  So once again, the story of my life is in full gear -- dropping some weight and getting more fit. 

Yesterday:  Washed 5 of mothers farm house windows and two of her doors.  Walked with Ricky about 3 miles round-trip to the hardware store.  Did about 2 hours of weeding.  It was rest day from weights.  About 1,400 calorie intake on Monday and 1,600 yesterday.

Today:  One hour weights this morning.  Stepped it up to 12 pound dumb bells and 45 pound squat.  Not feeling the burn so may have to up the weights on Thursday.  Also doing more of a circuit workout and keeping the heart rate up.   I'm shooting for every other day weight work.    KAYAKING  this afternoon for about 2 hours at the Rockville Bridge.  70 degrees!  Who could refuse!  Planning to look at dry pants for winter paddling too.  Ouch.  ($150).  

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