Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back at It Again Today

Another hour of iron with Moby first thing this am:

3 sets of 15 reps each exercise.  Boosted the leg exercises and shrugs  to 15 pound dumb bells in each hand:
Step ups
Deadlifts (kept those light to save my back)
Seated press
Standing one leg  calf raise (hard -- I had no balance!)
Side Bends

Core (with 10 pound ball)
50 Seated side to sides  with ball in hand
50 Bent leg side to sides on back with ball in between knees
50 Bent leg Sit-ups

And today is GARDEN day for both me and mother dear.  Rick's going to help! He's a dear.  I don't wimp in the garden... we're talking digging weeds (small trees!), hauling spent brush and ditching it, hauling horsey shit and spreading it, hauling compost and spreading it, raking the garden(s) of weeds, pulling weeds, etc.  I use no mechanical devices -- I like the exercise.  It's all by hand - even hauling tubs of horse shit up over the hill from my mom's.  Talk about weight bearing!   I don't think I'll do any cardio today unless Rick decides he wants to go for a bike ride this afternoon. 

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