Friday, November 18, 2011

I Have An Itch

It's called I-wanna-train-for-something.  And yesterday we got out on the RCST trails to scope out some upcoming bridge retrieval and detour trail work and it got me excited to get back on the trails.

I haven't done a marathon yet and I'm antsy to try one.  But it has to be trail and it has to be cheap.  I'm thinking 'bout a DIY trail marathon on the Rattling Creek trails the weekend of the Bare-Bones-Bash next year - September 15.     Here's a great story on Runner's World about a couple who put on a marathon exactly like mine would be - complete with 8-track Sheena Easton prizes!  Only I'll give a cassette of Billy Idol.  

Building up to the big 26.2 miles, I'd do the cheap stuff like the 7.1 mile Humdinger on March 3 and a smattering of other local stuff including Kuhn's Rattling Weekend 30K on the RCST trails.  18 miles a month in advance of the marathon would be perfect. 

Hmmmmm...... there's smoke coming out of my ears.


The Wiser Weiser said...

Hyner view in April and iron run half on June 9 -I'm there with ya baby!!!

Chili said...