Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Timer Trip on Tohickon Creek

Phew!  That was a little intense at spots.  Today was my first trip down the Tohicken Creek.  "Shit! Shit! Shit!" were the words blurting out of my mouth in several of the rapids.  I guess I just wasn't expecting such BIG drops and waves. (In the eyes of an experience paddler, they really weren't THAT big.  But for me, they seemed gigantic).   Holy hannah my heart was pounding -- especially after the rapid called "race course."  It's long (maybe 2-3 minutes to get through if you run it straight through) and there's just wave upon wave upon wave and they look like holes and I felt like I was going over at a couple spots.  It was scary! But I kept paddling and watching for rocks and amazingly made it.   Prior to race course, 1st Ledge took me off guard too and you had go river right then head left and the flow was on a curve and there was a HUGE hole I had to punch through and I was afraid my little puddle jumper wouldn't have what it takes to cut through some of those holes but it did.   And the other "shit!" rapid was "The Chute" which is exactly what its called -- a fast flowing Chute with a big-ass wave at the bottom of it.  I guess I'm too used to the Lehigh (Knee-high) river with its mild rapids.  The Tohickon Creek was definitely a step-up for me but I'm proud to say I made it through without any swimming.  No-name Ledge had a seam you had to punch through and I was slightly off to the side and the flow wanted to flip me but I did a quick brace and was through it.  That was my first combat brace -- felt as good as getting a combat roll (which I haven't gotten yet).  I did it! I did the Tohickon.  Yeh!

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