Monday, November 14, 2011

Not Much Happening This Past Weekend

Quiet weekend:  One-hour road ride to town on Saturday for milk and the post office.  The highlight was bringing a gallon of milk home in my backpack.  Rick wanted to get a half gallon, but saw that it was cheaper by $1 dollar to get the full gallon.  We see the Amish carrying gallons of milk in their baskets on their scooters all the time.  Guess I need a basket (NOT!)

Yesterday we paddled the Lehigh River at a low level of 539 cfs.  Normal releases are about 750 or high cfs.  It was too low.  And it was friggin' cold!  Earlier in the week it was 56 degrees air temp and 48 degrees water temp and we were rolling comfortably.  Yesterday was 50 degree air temp with wind and 43 degrees water and we wouldn't have rolled if someone made us.  Our fingers, toes and face were cold.    We gotta dress warmer next time.  I talked Rick into flat water paddling this week.  We'll put in at Millersburg and head up river for an hour or two, then turn around and go back.  Now THAT's my kind of paddling!  Put the paddle to the water and go.  He didn't seem too thrilled, but he'll do it.  Hey - it's paddling!

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