Friday, November 25, 2011

Yuk - Pushups

I hate them, but endure the torture every other day.  Sometimes, I'll stop at the 49th and say I did 50. :)    They just suck.  But, the reward of doing them overrules the punishment, so I tolerate the pain.   There are claims most people can't do 10 in a row.  Can you?  Of all the people I know, the discussion of how many push ups can you do never came up and I truly don't know who can do 50 in a row.   There has to be someone -- show your face!   Here's a website that will help you get to 100.   Sports Medicine gurus claim it's the perfect exercise.

And how was Thanksgiving?  I ran in the morning to compensate for the over-indulgence I knew would overtake me.  Yes, I ate too much too.  Feel like crap today, as usual.  Rick and I plan to head to Rattling Creek for a little cement work on the big bridge footer to be ready for next weekend's bridge retrieval session on December 4.  I'd sure like to do a run, but not sure it'll work out.  I'll have to wait and see how the day goes. 

Saturday is garden day and Sunday is kayak day.  Still not much biking going on.  It'll likely wait until spring now.

Monday, November 21, 2011


All it takes is dropping down some bucks for a race and the energy is flowing again.  Now that I signed on the dotted line for both the Humdinger Trail Challenge on March 3 (7 miles) and the Hyner View Challenge on April 21 (16 miles), I'm revived!  The lackluster doldrums of trudging along at slow speed with no goal in mind is gone.  It feels good to be researching training plans and jotting down distances and times I need to complete to be ready for 16 miles in about 5 months.   Rick says, "oh, there goes the paddling because you have to train."  No honey, I only need to do one long run a week  and the other 3 or 4 runs will be an hour or less and you won't even notice I'm doing them.    He seemed satisfied. I know I'm happy again.  What is with this training thang?  Can't wait to climb a mountain again!

The Hyner View Trail Challenge

Yeh baby --   April 21, 2012.  The Hyner View Trail Challenge.

Friday, November 18, 2011

I Have An Itch

It's called I-wanna-train-for-something.  And yesterday we got out on the RCST trails to scope out some upcoming bridge retrieval and detour trail work and it got me excited to get back on the trails.

I haven't done a marathon yet and I'm antsy to try one.  But it has to be trail and it has to be cheap.  I'm thinking 'bout a DIY trail marathon on the Rattling Creek trails the weekend of the Bare-Bones-Bash next year - September 15.     Here's a great story on Runner's World about a couple who put on a marathon exactly like mine would be - complete with 8-track Sheena Easton prizes!  Only I'll give a cassette of Billy Idol.  

Building up to the big 26.2 miles, I'd do the cheap stuff like the 7.1 mile Humdinger on March 3 and a smattering of other local stuff including Kuhn's Rattling Weekend 30K on the RCST trails.  18 miles a month in advance of the marathon would be perfect. 

Hmmmmm...... there's smoke coming out of my ears.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Article on How Exercise Will NOT Make You Thin

This was an interesting article in TIME:  Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin.      Good article.  See, you can tell I exercise!  Yeh baby.

I love my little boat.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Not Much Happening This Past Weekend

Quiet weekend:  One-hour road ride to town on Saturday for milk and the post office.  The highlight was bringing a gallon of milk home in my backpack.  Rick wanted to get a half gallon, but saw that it was cheaper by $1 dollar to get the full gallon.  We see the Amish carrying gallons of milk in their baskets on their scooters all the time.  Guess I need a basket (NOT!)

Yesterday we paddled the Lehigh River at a low level of 539 cfs.  Normal releases are about 750 or high cfs.  It was too low.  And it was friggin' cold!  Earlier in the week it was 56 degrees air temp and 48 degrees water temp and we were rolling comfortably.  Yesterday was 50 degree air temp with wind and 43 degrees water and we wouldn't have rolled if someone made us.  Our fingers, toes and face were cold.    We gotta dress warmer next time.  I talked Rick into flat water paddling this week.  We'll put in at Millersburg and head up river for an hour or two, then turn around and go back.  Now THAT's my kind of paddling!  Put the paddle to the water and go.  He didn't seem too thrilled, but he'll do it.  Hey - it's paddling!

Friday, November 11, 2011

"You're a Kayaker"

Yesterday, I told hubby I'm inspired to train for a marathon next year (trail) and he immediately says, "no you're not.  It takes too much time to train and you have to kayak."   I love him to death. 

So kayaking is taking top honors in the outdoor activity realm right now.  We're planning to go until the ice forms which will likely be sometime in January.  In other years, it was usually January and February that the boys couldn't get out to paddle.  This year shouldn't be any different.  Two years ago, there never was ice which was rare.   The only thing I don't like about paddling is there's no cardio with it unless we attain which only happens in the narrows.  There's also no leg work at all.  The weight workouts and squeezing in some trainer time and maybe a run or two will compensate for the lack of leg work and cardio.  I can't recall the last time I had my HR good and high.  It's just something we don't do unless we're training and doing intervals.   Who likes forcing your heart rate up into the red zone.  Not me! 

Yesterday was a nice long weight workout.  Hubby worked out at the same time.  Actually, we did many of the exercises together but of course my weight was heavier.  :)  It was the normal 12-15 x 3 sets:
shoulder press
chest press
bi-cep curl
lat pull-downs
tricep press
core routine with weight ball

Today, Friday, is a not-sure day.  It's cold and windy.  I may sit on the trainer.  Just not sure yet. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's Working!

I must have 40 books on diet, weight loss, and fitness and each one pours on their opinion on the best, the quickest, the healthiest, or safest way to lose weight and/or gain fitness.  I think I tried them all.  More recently, since the weight gain, I'm leaning more towards eating what maintains bone health to prevent osteoporosis.  And after about 6 years or so of daily calorie tracking, I can't quit that little secret to weight loss either. It's a true addiction.  I tried to give up the habit, but the pen would magically start scribbling calories on a piece of scrap paper; or, my brain would start tallying up the numbers causing more static up there.  But the really bad habit I got into was stopping tracking when I hit my daily limit of 1500.  Huh!  So what good was tracking?  Actually, I track my calcium for bones, protein for strength (since I tend not to eat too much meat these days), iron for my muscles and joints (did you know aches and pains could be a sign of low iron?), fiber, fat, and carbs although I may drop the carbs since I don't train anymore. 

I'm back to what worked 5 years ago when I lost about 10 pounds:  calorie counting, but I STOP EATING at 1500 calories, give or take a hundred.  Monday was 1400, Tuesday was 1600, and yesterday was 1700 (I know, I know - a little high) and the scale is down almost a half pound since Monday.  That's exactly where it should be in 3 days.   What Rick has been telling me for years continues to be true:  Calories in, calories out.  It's all about the might calorie. 

Yesterday's paddle was beautiful.  Hubby bought me a drysuit for winter paddling.  It's a lovely Teal color and we thought it was a women's leftover model from a couple years ago, but low and behold it's a man's style.  Rick said he wouldn't wear that color.  I have to learn to stand to pee.  If you know anything about drysuits, they are jumpsuits and difficult to get in and out of and once in, you stay in until you are done.   Rick bought me a Shewee.  I don't like standing to pee.  I peed on my leg.  I guess I'll figure that one out too at some point.  teehee...shewee..

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanks Geraldine -- I Needed That!

Rick's 93 year-old mother, who has macular degeneration and comments about not being able to see much anymore, says to me on Sunday, "Jill, are you gaining weight?"  Yes, Geraldine.  "How much did you gain?"  About 15 pounds.  "I can tell [and she points to my upper body]."  ARGH!  Actually, it's just what I needed hear to kick me in the ass and motivate me MORE into finally trying to drop these ugly menopausal pounds.  Rick insists it isn't menopause.  Ok Rick, whatever you say.  So once again, the story of my life is in full gear -- dropping some weight and getting more fit. 

Yesterday:  Washed 5 of mothers farm house windows and two of her doors.  Walked with Ricky about 3 miles round-trip to the hardware store.  Did about 2 hours of weeding.  It was rest day from weights.  About 1,400 calorie intake on Monday and 1,600 yesterday.

Today:  One hour weights this morning.  Stepped it up to 12 pound dumb bells and 45 pound squat.  Not feeling the burn so may have to up the weights on Thursday.  Also doing more of a circuit workout and keeping the heart rate up.   I'm shooting for every other day weight work.    KAYAKING  this afternoon for about 2 hours at the Rockville Bridge.  70 degrees!  Who could refuse!  Planning to look at dry pants for winter paddling too.  Ouch.  ($150).  

Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Timer Trip on Tohickon Creek

Phew!  That was a little intense at spots.  Today was my first trip down the Tohicken Creek.  "Shit! Shit! Shit!" were the words blurting out of my mouth in several of the rapids.  I guess I just wasn't expecting such BIG drops and waves. (In the eyes of an experience paddler, they really weren't THAT big.  But for me, they seemed gigantic).   Holy hannah my heart was pounding -- especially after the rapid called "race course."  It's long (maybe 2-3 minutes to get through if you run it straight through) and there's just wave upon wave upon wave and they look like holes and I felt like I was going over at a couple spots.  It was scary! But I kept paddling and watching for rocks and amazingly made it.   Prior to race course, 1st Ledge took me off guard too and you had go river right then head left and the flow was on a curve and there was a HUGE hole I had to punch through and I was afraid my little puddle jumper wouldn't have what it takes to cut through some of those holes but it did.   And the other "shit!" rapid was "The Chute" which is exactly what its called -- a fast flowing Chute with a big-ass wave at the bottom of it.  I guess I'm too used to the Lehigh (Knee-high) river with its mild rapids.  The Tohickon Creek was definitely a step-up for me but I'm proud to say I made it through without any swimming.  No-name Ledge had a seam you had to punch through and I was slightly off to the side and the flow wanted to flip me but I did a quick brace and was through it.  That was my first combat brace -- felt as good as getting a combat roll (which I haven't gotten yet).  I did it! I did the Tohickon.  Yeh!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Preppin' for the To and Listening to a Little Frank

I'm about to lose my virginity.  For years, Rick and I drove to the release weekends of the Tohickon Creek, but have not ran the rapids in a boat.  We hiked, biked, and sat on rocks and watched kayakers drop off ledges in the creek.  Last year, Rick finally ran it twice, stopping to scout rapids and even portaged a section or two.  This year, I get my first shot at shooting a rapid or two.  Rick says its a step up for me, but a step below than the Lower Yough which means it should be just about right.  But I fully intend to portage one of the bigger river-wide drops - it skeers me!  The rest of the creek should be fun.  There's 10 folks going from the Harrisburg group: Vern, Phil, Mike C, Mike M, Rick, Jennifer, Chris, Jill, and I can't recall the other two.  

So today, we hit the river to hone in our skills for Saturday.  Two hours of paddling, eddying, peeling out, and a little bit of rolling.  We both feel good and ready for the big day.

And the morning was started with my now normal routine of core and weights.  Each day I'm varying which body part I work on.  Yesterday, though, I dug out the old cassette tapes for a little wireless music  - wireless in the sense of no headset. (We couldn't find the 8-track tapes.  We don't have those new-fangled CD players to hook up to our floor speakers yet.  teehee).    And what did I find fun but Rick's favorite, FRANK ZAPPA.  OMG, Frank's version of Ring of Fire is so funny it puts the rest to shame.  I think there are about 40 versions of Ring of fire out there, but we really get a kick out of this one.  And some of the 80's music got me pumped and swinging to the beat.  Stuff like The Information Society and Billy Idol.  Huh! Billy... what man of the day.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back at It Again Today

Another hour of iron with Moby first thing this am:

3 sets of 15 reps each exercise.  Boosted the leg exercises and shrugs  to 15 pound dumb bells in each hand:
Step ups
Deadlifts (kept those light to save my back)
Seated press
Standing one leg  calf raise (hard -- I had no balance!)
Side Bends

Core (with 10 pound ball)
50 Seated side to sides  with ball in hand
50 Bent leg side to sides on back with ball in between knees
50 Bent leg Sit-ups

And today is GARDEN day for both me and mother dear.  Rick's going to help! He's a dear.  I don't wimp in the garden... we're talking digging weeds (small trees!), hauling spent brush and ditching it, hauling horsey shit and spreading it, hauling compost and spreading it, raking the garden(s) of weeds, pulling weeds, etc.  I use no mechanical devices -- I like the exercise.  It's all by hand - even hauling tubs of horse shit up over the hill from my mom's.  Talk about weight bearing!   I don't think I'll do any cardio today unless Rick decides he wants to go for a bike ride this afternoon. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Proof of the Health Benefits of Weight Bearing Exercise

At the ripe old age of about 20, I sat on a weight bench for the first time and pumped a little iron.  The year was 1981.    Rachel Mclish was my mentor at the time - the first Ms. Olympia (1980). An interview in 2008 revealed her age of 52, 5'5" tall and 126 pounds. and she lifts weights, runs, and skis/snowboards today.  For the past 32 years, in some form or fashion, the iron has always been part of my life.  Maybe not as a priority in some years, but it never completely went away.  Nor did walking, running, and more recently, swimming, kayaking, mountain biking and adventure racing (lifting, crawling, jumping, etc).  Last year my mother was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis and since that time, I've been getting every test I'm permitted to get to be sure I'm not at risk. (If women aren't completely through menopause, you can't get the official bone density scan.).  Most health seminars have portable versions of a DEXA scan machine of some sort - either the heel scan or the hand scan.  Last week, my annual boob squishing came with a free DEXA scan of my hand.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to get the scan.  And the results proved those past 32 years of running, jumping and lifting paid off big time.  My scan results were +2.9.   Looking at the chart below, I'm off the chart.  Anything above a -1 is considered good.  The chart the radiology tech showed me didn't go any higher than +2.9.  She told me, "whatever you are doing, don't stop doing it."  So girls, don't stop running, jumping and lifting - ever!  I'm living, walking proof of strong bones through exercise and getting enough calcium.  My calcium sources are NOT from dairy and I limit meat consumption to about once a week (maybe).  I get my calcium from plant sources (soy milk, greens, seeds, blackstrap molasses) and take Vitamin D supplements.   Its working.

Normal boneT-score greater than -1
OsteopeniaT-score between -1 and -2.5
OsteoporosisT-score less than -2.5
Severe (established) osteoporosisT-score less than -2.5 and 1+ osteoporotic fractures