Sunday, January 29, 2012

Aspiring to Be A Freestyle Playboater

It's official:  I'm gonna be a freestyle playboater.  Yesterday was a pool session at Boiling Springs High School and we stopped at Blue Mountain Outfitters (the aboslute best kayak outfitter in Central Pennsylvania IMHO) to pick up a playboat to demo and I was sold after the first couple rolls.  It's a Wavesport Project X 48.   My other boat, the Jackson Allstar, is also an all-out playboat but a little too big for me to play in.  The weight range for the Allstar is 130-200 and the weight range for the Project X is 100-170 - a much better fit and feel.   Rick's happy too because he can now also play since the Allstar will be a perfect fit for him.  The first move to learn is the bow stall.  Of course Rick has tons of videos I can watch to learn.  Now I can't wait for roll sessions.  Woohoo! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Week Three Results

We're dropping in the ranks! Our weight was down this week and the secret weapon on Team Reducing Government Waste lost 18.3  pounds/11.35% boby weight this past week.  Since this thing is based on percentage, that team will win hands down like they did the first year we did this competition.  We just don't know how he does it... he's not a big guy to begin with.  He claims he sweats it out at the gym and doesn't really change his eating.  Then again, I think it's something to do with those Kenyan genes -- you know how runners from Kenya are freaks of nature!  I think Paul is too. 

TEAM RESULTS (lbs and % body weight lost in past week)

loss/gain (lbs)
Thin It To Win It!
Processing not included
Victorious Secrets
The Number Crunchers
Mission Slimpossible
Reducing Government Waist
Burgers in Our Sites

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Waiting Week Three Team Results

We're patiently waiting for the overall week three results.  One of our team members couldn't weigh in until late yesterday or even this morning, so it backed up the results and we're dying to find out if we're still leading.   It's very possible we continue to lead with our 8ish pound total loss this week.  Yes, that's not much, but judging on what teams lost the week before, our 8ish pounds would still be ahead.  At the half-way point in the game, some continue to be serious (most of our team) while other teams are already losing interest.  I heard of one girl that dropped out already (her team was in last place and she was the team captain!).  This is a very typical new-year's weight-loss habit:  folks are gung-ho to start it and about 3-4 weeks in, give it up.  When will people realize IT'S A LIFE CHANGE?   We all need to practice good eating habits ALL the time, not just for the new year.  I certainly learned a lot the past couple weeks and changed some bad habits.  I now know EXACTLY what I need to do to lose and what I need to do to maintain.  So being a Loser again was worth it.    This week was another 2.1 pounds down for me so my total is about 8. Well, maybe only 5 because that first weigh-in was exaggerated with water weight to make me heavier.   I'm tickled pink to see the 140's again.  Will post team results as soon as I have them.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Biggest Loser at Work Update Week Two

My Biggest Loser Team - the Chubublicans --  is now in 1st place after our 2nd week weigh-in.  Woohoo! The team behind in second is trailing by 6 pounds.   Of course we are ALL motivated now!   Very cool (and fun!).

Thin It To Win It!   42
Processing not included   21.3
Victorious Secrets   24.9
The Number Crunchers   44.6
Chubublicans   56.1
Mission Slimpossible   31.2
Winners   50.2
Reducing Government Waste   26.6
Burgers in Our Sites   27.5

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Losin' It At Work Update

Our team, the Chubublicans, is in 2nd place after the first week challenge of the DCED version of Biggest Loser.  It's a six-week competition with nine teams of 6 people competing for the top prize of cash: about $500 smackaroos.  I say "about" because during the competition, those that gain are required to dump a buck in the pot for gaining leaving the prize a tad bigger than $500 bucks.  I ended up dumping in a buck or two in the pot for gaining in 2009 when we had this competition.  Ricky Brown ain't gonna let that happen to me this time around!  (It's all about the mighty dollar when you are retired... trust me!).  One of my team members was the top loser the first week with 13 pounds lost!  Wow.  I was the slacker on the team with 1.5 pounds lost.  All the other girls had significant weight-loss: 4, 7, and 5 pounds were common numbers.  Our team lost a total of 38.8 pounds, but we had a higher percentage of weight-loss of 3.10% which is what we are going by.   The winning team lost 43 pounds.  There's a team close on our heels at 2.94% so we need to stay on our toes.   And me?  It's hard as hell.  It's all belly fat - the hardest to lose.  I'm still focusing on the 1500 calories or less a day but that too is very, very difficult.  But... it's for the team, so I'll stick with it as best I can!


loss/gain (lbs)
Thin It To Win It!
Processing not included
Victorious Secrets
The Number Crunchers
Mission Slimpossible
Reducing Government Waste
Burgers in Our Sites