Thursday, January 26, 2012

Waiting Week Three Team Results

We're patiently waiting for the overall week three results.  One of our team members couldn't weigh in until late yesterday or even this morning, so it backed up the results and we're dying to find out if we're still leading.   It's very possible we continue to lead with our 8ish pound total loss this week.  Yes, that's not much, but judging on what teams lost the week before, our 8ish pounds would still be ahead.  At the half-way point in the game, some continue to be serious (most of our team) while other teams are already losing interest.  I heard of one girl that dropped out already (her team was in last place and she was the team captain!).  This is a very typical new-year's weight-loss habit:  folks are gung-ho to start it and about 3-4 weeks in, give it up.  When will people realize IT'S A LIFE CHANGE?   We all need to practice good eating habits ALL the time, not just for the new year.  I certainly learned a lot the past couple weeks and changed some bad habits.  I now know EXACTLY what I need to do to lose and what I need to do to maintain.  So being a Loser again was worth it.    This week was another 2.1 pounds down for me so my total is about 8. Well, maybe only 5 because that first weigh-in was exaggerated with water weight to make me heavier.   I'm tickled pink to see the 140's again.  Will post team results as soon as I have them.

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