Sunday, January 29, 2012

Aspiring to Be A Freestyle Playboater

It's official:  I'm gonna be a freestyle playboater.  Yesterday was a pool session at Boiling Springs High School and we stopped at Blue Mountain Outfitters (the aboslute best kayak outfitter in Central Pennsylvania IMHO) to pick up a playboat to demo and I was sold after the first couple rolls.  It's a Wavesport Project X 48.   My other boat, the Jackson Allstar, is also an all-out playboat but a little too big for me to play in.  The weight range for the Allstar is 130-200 and the weight range for the Project X is 100-170 - a much better fit and feel.   Rick's happy too because he can now also play since the Allstar will be a perfect fit for him.  The first move to learn is the bow stall.  Of course Rick has tons of videos I can watch to learn.  Now I can't wait for roll sessions.  Woohoo! 

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