Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's Working!

I must have 40 books on diet, weight loss, and fitness and each one pours on their opinion on the best, the quickest, the healthiest, or safest way to lose weight and/or gain fitness.  I think I tried them all.  More recently, since the weight gain, I'm leaning more towards eating what maintains bone health to prevent osteoporosis.  And after about 6 years or so of daily calorie tracking, I can't quit that little secret to weight loss either. It's a true addiction.  I tried to give up the habit, but the pen would magically start scribbling calories on a piece of scrap paper; or, my brain would start tallying up the numbers causing more static up there.  But the really bad habit I got into was stopping tracking when I hit my daily limit of 1500.  Huh!  So what good was tracking?  Actually, I track my calcium for bones, protein for strength (since I tend not to eat too much meat these days), iron for my muscles and joints (did you know aches and pains could be a sign of low iron?), fiber, fat, and carbs although I may drop the carbs since I don't train anymore. 

I'm back to what worked 5 years ago when I lost about 10 pounds:  calorie counting, but I STOP EATING at 1500 calories, give or take a hundred.  Monday was 1400, Tuesday was 1600, and yesterday was 1700 (I know, I know - a little high) and the scale is down almost a half pound since Monday.  That's exactly where it should be in 3 days.   What Rick has been telling me for years continues to be true:  Calories in, calories out.  It's all about the might calorie. 

Yesterday's paddle was beautiful.  Hubby bought me a drysuit for winter paddling.  It's a lovely Teal color and we thought it was a women's leftover model from a couple years ago, but low and behold it's a man's style.  Rick said he wouldn't wear that color.  I have to learn to stand to pee.  If you know anything about drysuits, they are jumpsuits and difficult to get in and out of and once in, you stay in until you are done.   Rick bought me a Shewee.  I don't like standing to pee.  I peed on my leg.  I guess I'll figure that one out too at some point.  teehee...shewee..


The Wiser Weiser said...

Those pee things DON'T work! I tried a different model in a tent once and peed all over my self!! ;-)

Chili said...

LOL! Oh the standing to pee stories we can share.

I can hear you cussing at pee running all over you.

DailySAHM said...

The Shewee doesn't seem practical. And the diagram ( looks like she's holding a very skinny penis.

Chili said...

I think I'll hold my pee. It's a very, very awkward and uncomfortable contraption to use.