Friday, November 4, 2011

Preppin' for the To and Listening to a Little Frank

I'm about to lose my virginity.  For years, Rick and I drove to the release weekends of the Tohickon Creek, but have not ran the rapids in a boat.  We hiked, biked, and sat on rocks and watched kayakers drop off ledges in the creek.  Last year, Rick finally ran it twice, stopping to scout rapids and even portaged a section or two.  This year, I get my first shot at shooting a rapid or two.  Rick says its a step up for me, but a step below than the Lower Yough which means it should be just about right.  But I fully intend to portage one of the bigger river-wide drops - it skeers me!  The rest of the creek should be fun.  There's 10 folks going from the Harrisburg group: Vern, Phil, Mike C, Mike M, Rick, Jennifer, Chris, Jill, and I can't recall the other two.  

So today, we hit the river to hone in our skills for Saturday.  Two hours of paddling, eddying, peeling out, and a little bit of rolling.  We both feel good and ready for the big day.

And the morning was started with my now normal routine of core and weights.  Each day I'm varying which body part I work on.  Yesterday, though, I dug out the old cassette tapes for a little wireless music  - wireless in the sense of no headset. (We couldn't find the 8-track tapes.  We don't have those new-fangled CD players to hook up to our floor speakers yet.  teehee).    And what did I find fun but Rick's favorite, FRANK ZAPPA.  OMG, Frank's version of Ring of Fire is so funny it puts the rest to shame.  I think there are about 40 versions of Ring of fire out there, but we really get a kick out of this one.  And some of the 80's music got me pumped and swinging to the beat.  Stuff like The Information Society and Billy Idol.  Huh! Billy... what man of the day.

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