Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm Working Again, Damn It

This week was the beginning of a three-day work week for a couple months and it's screwing up my exercise routine!  This past week was messed up because I worked three days in a row for my first week back; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.   I chose those days to try to make it as "normal" a schedule as possible for those I have to work with.  It turns out I'll have to switch some of those days with Mondays to accommodate meeting schedules, but I like the idea of a day in between working to run.  I've been trying to get back into a regular running schedule working towards an every-other-day run of what I feel like between 4 and 7 miles.  The 4-miler would be hilly and faster and the 7-miler would be endurance-paced.  Starting in January, I'm going to pick up the pace on the shorter runs and lengthen the longer runs.  This will get me faster for the March 3 Humdinger run and of course I need the distance for the April 23 Hyner View Challenge.  So I NEED to adjust those work days.  And the beauty of it is I'm in charge of my schedule and can change those days however I want.  But the "professional" in me (that bitch) sides with working with others and being flexible.  I should stop being nice... that's what got me back working in the first place!  Actually, I'm happy to help out.  The State of Pennsylvania's business assistance programs and laws are complicated as hell and it would be overwhelming for a new person and she/he would run off in a week if they didn't have someone to show them the ropes.  And there really isn't anyone else other than my boss to mentor a new person and he certainly doesn't have a second of time to train someone.  And I might be staying a little longer than Spring.  My boss comes up to me on Wednesday and says, "Jill, we'd like you to stick around a little longer (than after my replacement comes on board in a month or two) to help out the Executive Office with something coming up."  NOOOOO, I thought.  But then the two days a week ran through my head and I thought I can handle that.  He said we'll see how it plays out.  Again, flexibility.  Speaking of flexibility, I've really been slacking on stretching.  Just call me slacker... on everything!  Life is a little upside down at the moment.

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