Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Bubbly" Hubby

For those of you that know my Ricky Brown, you'll get a kick out of this post.  For those of you that don't know him, suffice it to say he tends to be sort of laid back, relaxed, and easy-going.  In other words, he's not busting at the seams with energy like some of us (he's also not stressed like some of us!).  His favorite thing on the bike is coasting. (Truly!).  If he starts to sweat on the trainer, he stops.  (Truly!) Now that we're retired, we like to workout together.   We had our little routine that we do with weights, then we either walk, hike, kayak, or sit on the trainer.  Yesterday, for some crazy reason, Mr. Brown was bouncing off the walls.  It was near impossible to focus on the task at hand.   He was jumping, running in place, dancing around (to "I'm sexy and I know it" no less), singing, laughing, poking fun at a certain exercise by going real fast and exaggerated and just being a Ricky Brown I normally don't see.  I couldn't even hardly do my squats from cracking up.  Every time we'd go to a different exercise, he's start doing something crazy.  It was a riot. I told him to "calm down!  Would you act like that at the YMCA?  We made fun of people who acted oddly -- like the mirror monkeys."  Then he imitated a mirror monkey.  "HEWYOUGH!!"   I believe he had some pent up energy that finally needed released.  You go Ricky Brown!  Today now, he's not out of bed yet.  I wonder if his workout yesterday had something to do with it?  It was funny.  Nice workout Ricky Brown!

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