Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm A Loser - Again

A little over two years ago, my work had it's inaugural Biggest Loser contest with 40 folks competing to lose weight.  We're thrilled the gal who ran it two years ago wanted to do it again with a start date and weigh-in of January 4.  And of course I'm in on the fun and festivities the 2nd time around since I successfully lost about 8 pounds last time around. There's something about being on a team that is very, very motivating.  It just works!  It's a little bigger this time with teams of 6 and so far we have 6 teams signed up with others waiting in the wings until the last minute to sign up.  My team name is the "Chubublicans."  No, we're not all republicans (that's part of the fun of the name!).  It was between that, Mission Slimpossible or the Kankle Wrangers.  We're six females sick of trying to squeeze our butts into too-tight pants.  The one girl is doing the 17-day diet and another has been successfully losing with Weight Watchers.  Another is doing some sort of exercise video P-90?  Can't recall the exact name.  Me?  I'm sticking to my tried and true calorie counting focusing on 1500 or less AND will pick up the running/exercise.  The big motivator for me is the $10 buck entry fee I had to pony up. I want it back! And some! Each person had to pay $10 bucks and will pay another $1 for each pound gained in each week of the 6-week weigh-in period.   Our entire team is pretty serious... as is all the others entered.  It's SO much fun to do this thing at work.  Everyone is buzzing and chatting already.