Monday, March 21, 2011

Two Weeks Done, Ten To Go to the TSE

Two weeks of Trans-Sylvania Epic-specific training is on the books. We have one more week that is similar to the last two, then a "lighter" week of 8 hours to rest a little and give the bod a break. One thing I noticed, when the rest days are here, the hard-at-work muscles, joints, and bones are ready for that break. Today is the rest day, but I was really, really feeling it yesterday. As soon as the ride was over, I was done for the day. As beautiful as it was (50ish, calm, very springtime-like), I slept most of the afternoon and laid around the remainder of the day. No garden work, no house cleaning, no reading, no bike-cleaning/repair, just vegetating. I was tired from head to toe - mind, body, and soul. But all it takes is listening the bod when it says rest, and all will be well. This morning, I feel rested and ready to roll. No silly, not on the bike, just with the normal daily rest day routine. My dear mother had a bit of set-back again, so I'll spend a good part of the day helping her with cleaning and grocery shopping. The only difference between this week and last week's training is an extra 1/2 hour added on to the 3 hour trail ride on Saturday and I'm heading to Michaux this time around for that long ride. Yeh! Nothing like a Michaux fix every now and then.


The Wiser Weiser said...

oh yeah---and 8 hill repeats on thursday instead of 7!

me very tired yesterday too!!!

DailySAHM said...

You and Donna have some serious determination. I'm impressed. And a little jealous!