Monday, March 7, 2011

First Day of School

Yup... today's the day.... the first day of spring training and it feels like the first day of school. Exciting, nervousness, and anticipation of what's to come in the next 12 weeks of training. And then we graduate to the race itself. It's a rare occasion you can find a mountain bike training plan specific to a certain race but Donna and I did, and we both are now proud owners of the Transylvania-specific 12-week training plan by Chris Eatough. Chris is a multi-time world champ of 24-hour races. He's an animal, to say the least, and a nice guy to boot. He's smart, an incredible athlete, and put together a training plan that working stiffs can manage. The shortest weeks are 8 hours in the saddle with the longest being 15 hours. It's ALL bike - no cross training in this one. It's interesting too how he starts you with a mix of road and trail and gradually adds more trail hours as the TSE gets closer. Road days are typically easier days to give you some rest. The Weisers planned a Raystown Weekend for the Mountain Bikers of Michaux for April 15 and it coincides nicely with 3 days of trail riding on the training plan. There are three weeks in April where there are some looonnnggg hours in the saddle. I can't wait to finally get on the Rattling creek trails and ride my butt off. At some point, I'd like to ride 40 miles of the Rattling Marathon on one of the 5-hour days. It's been a long winter. So keep watching kids. You'll be getting updates on how the continued training is coming along.

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