Thursday, March 10, 2011

79 Days to the TSE - Not Counting Today

Gee, you'd think something really big is happening in my life that I'm counting the days. It's not like I'm moving, or retiring, or getting married, or building a new house, or even having a baby! It's just a little 'ole bike race - what's to get excited about?! It's not like I didn't climb mountains before on my mountain bike -- maybe not 30,000 feet worth -- but I DID make it to 6500 at one time. It's not like I haven't ridden 40ish miles at a time before. Maybe not for 6 days in a row, but I DID hit 50 miles in one day. And it's not like I haven't trained or been coached before. Maybe not for 32 weeks solid building up to one single event, but yeh - I had a coach and followed training plans. So what could possibly have me counting days?! Can't figure it out. As of yesterday, there are now 13 girls entered in the Trans-Sylvania Epic, with the most recent gal being a professional athlete -- Rebecca Rusch. She raced it last year and had issues with her asthma and ended up third. I think she's back for unfinished business. But then again, maybe it was just such an aweseome time she couldn't stay away. I think its very cool to look at the registration list and see Donna Weiser in the Open women mix with Sue Haywood, Rebecca Rusch, and the other pros racing this thing. Me? I'm still just a little old lady all be herself in the granny category -- but that'll likely change as the day gets closer and they mix me in with the other Open women. Then I get to see MY name next to Sue Haywood and Rebecca Rusch. Ha! Tonight's training will be interesting. Today is supposed to be a 2-hour trail ride, but its pouring down raining and it's also the last week of darkness. So my ride will be on the trainer and I decided to really give my bike a little workout and designed my own "trainer workout." I plan to stand, shift to a hard gear, shift to an easy gear, sit, spin, mash, get off and pretend I'm pushing, run up and down the steps, get back on and stand, climb a little (well, a LOT), and just imagine I'm on a trail. It's all about attitude, right? Well I'm going trail riding tonight -- in my brain. Damn weather. 80 days to the TSE! Yeh baby.

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