Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 1 of the next 84 Days of Training

Sloppy, slushy roads from a freak snowstorm had me on the trainer for 1 hour in place of an outside road ride. Actually, I think the trainer was more precise for what was scheduled: 90-100 rpms consistently for 1 hour keeping the heart rate between 65-75% of max. There's no consistency in road riding around my house with all the hills and dales we have. My average HR for the hour on the trainer was 72% (130 bpm), and while I can’t record average rpms on my computer, I think it hung around 85-90. Being more a masher than a spinner, getting to 90 rpms and keeping the HR down is a huge accomplishment for Chili, holding these rpms for the duration was a plus. I’m sure Donna – the excellent spinner she is – breezed through this workout.

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