Thursday, March 3, 2011

Raring to Go

A couple days of rest and the engines are tuned up and raring to start churning again. But wait! Hold on jumpy.... there's 3 more days of rest and we DO mean rest until you start up again. The old bod is feeling very happy with its reaction to all this training. Everything is falling into place the way it's supposed to: you train for 20 weeks following a pro's plan with scheduled weeks of building and resting with highs and lows (and dead tiredness then bouncing off the walls), you rest again, and then start in for another 12 weeks with yet another plan from a pro. Things start to happen. Muscles get stronger, power comes, energy abounds, and you just feel so damn good about yourself that you can't stand yourself. I even have a friggin' six-pack underneath that jiggly belly. How 'bout that! Training is worth ALLLL the effort. Yes, if you have a chance to train for something like we are -- the Transylvania Epic -- do it! You'll never regret it. Oh, and find a friend to do it with ! You can both commiserate together.

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The Wiser Weiser said...

Damn, i wish i felt as good as you! Seriously, i do feel better...;-)