Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bouncing Back

Donna thinks I'm human 'cause I got tired and had to take a break. I think I'm human now that I'm bouncing back to life and feel full of vim and vigor. It took 48 hours to feel "normal" again after a interval-laced two weeks of training. Bright-eyed and bushy tailed at 3:00 am this morning, I did core work, read, and am about to get on the trainer for a very easy 1 hour spin while I watch the morning news. Later today, I take mom to the doctor in Hershey for her follow-up hip surgery appointment. This afternoon, I may walk for eggs if its nice (1 mile round trip) and read some more. I feel human again! Human, yes, but totally refreshed, no. This week is rest week and I'm taking full advantage of riding very little and when I do, it'll be super easy. With warm temps, this will give the trails a little more time to dry out and will be ready to be ridden come March 7 when the official spring training starts. Every Thursday starting March 10, will be "trail night." And whether Rick likes it or not, he'll have to drag his bike along every Thursday to ride somewhere. More than likely it will be either Swatara or the Rattling Creek Trails. Day light savings time starts on March 13, so we'll likely do Swatty that week if its dry. Rick is a stickler for not riding in muddy conditions. I guess I agree.

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