Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Like Slo Mo

Rest weekends are SUCH welcome animals. There's something to be said for riding slow and accepting the fact that it's ok to be in the granny gear. Today was a 2 hour easy mountain bike. "As slow as you need to stay fresh." And so I was. It took me 1.75 hrs to go about 7 miles. There was a climb in there and I felt my heart beating a little too fast so granny paid a visit and she was SO glad to see me. The coolest part of the ride was discovering virgin singletrack. Well, virgin for bike tires. It appeared to be a hunters path, or maybe a deer path, but it was beautifully clear and easy to follow. I love finding virgin trail that's easy to ride. It wasn't much -- only about 200 yards or so -- but it was nice enough that I did an out and back on it. Many logs made it a bit of challenge which was nice to have after a long winter void of log hopping. The ride was awesome and even though mother nature looked like she was ready to throw up, she held it back all day. I like slo mo.

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The Wiser Weiser said...

Sounds like my saturday ride!