Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Thus, my forever joyous pleasure of competition in the biking world. For you newcomers, I'm the first pic. No, actually I'm the 2nd pic and my friends haven't figured it out yet that I really did finish the race. I love racing against girls like this. I used to be told "it'll make you a better rider." No it didn't you fat liar. This proves we really need to get more women into this sport so we can fight for fairness in women's categories.
And here are my two heros of the day... Donna on the left telling me to get the hell on my bike and ride. She waited for me here at checkpoint 2 and later at checkpoint 3 to ride the last half of the course . I didn't make checkpoint 3 -- but she rode anyway (and crossed the finish line!). Sheena is carrying the bike -- she rode the 1st half with me and kept me sane. As my legs seized up from cramps and I was stuffing a CLIF bar down my throat, I asked Sheena if she wanted some and her very innocent reply was, "No thanks. They make me fart." That answer cured all cramps - I laughed for the next two miles.

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