Friday, October 16, 2009

More Iron Cross Reading

Fit Chick wrote her own race report on Iron cross. This girl is simply out of us normal-person's league. She trains with the boys (tries to beat them most times), is paid to workout, and just isn't anywhere near a weekend warrior level. So why the hell do I have to compete with girls like this???? Why do race promoters think its ok for someone like me to compete with someone like her? I don't get it. If they would group all the "men" together, maybe I'd be ok with it. One of my friends, Kera, had to compete the same way the day before the Ironcross at Ironcross lite. All the Cat 1, 2, 3, and 4 women were grouped together as one happy family. I heard the pro girl just ran away with it. Is that fair? Not at all Mr. Race Promoters. Geez.


SY said...

Hi Chili, it's Selene. I completely agree that women should not all fall into a bucket category according to gender. But I do need to come to my defense just a tiny bit here. I'm not paid to workout. I'm a self-employed writer, so I work for many magazines and co-author books. It's a LOT of hours at the computer. I'm also a mom to a 7 year old girl. Where I do have an advantage is I make my own hours. So I can get up early, crank out a bunch of work and take 2 hours in the middle of the day to ride. Then come back and work some more. And yes, working for Bicycling affords me some very wonderful perks like getting to test drive great bikes and taking one or two riding trips a year. Believe me, however, sacrifices are made. Much goes undone; the house is a disaster half the time; and let's not even talk about the yard. Anyway, I'm by no means a pro. But you're right, not really a weekend warrior either. I'm sorry there's no special category for me. But I have nothing but respect for every woman who stands on that line because I know how hard it is to get there and all the sacrifices it takes to get in shape to race. I hope to see you out there again. Best. ~S

Chili said...

Thank you Selene! Sorry I mis-spoke on getting paid to work. Let's get more women out there so the promoters start giving women appropriate catgories. Thanks for commenting!