Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fit Chick

You saw the pic below of the gal with the pythons. Her name is Selene Yeager and she's the fitness director for Bicycling magazine,a.k.a. Fit Chick. She's actually quite impressive and has a series of exercise videos on bicycling magazine's website. Here's the link to her videos showing a variety of exercises. She's also the author of a book on cycling for women, Every Woman's Guide to Cycling, Everything You Need to Know, along with being co-author of nearly 20 other books including Food Remedies. She writes regularly for Bicycling, but also writes for Prevention magazine. In other words, she kinda famous. Reading her blog, I found it extra interesting (and of course inspiring) that I actually share a little background with her -- she too hired a coach and started training for triathlons after many years of cycling and occassional running. Of course hers was a tad more impressive -- Ironman. She spent 10 months training for her first Ironman in Lousiville Kentucky in 2008, and then went on to qualify for Kona in 2008 of which she gives the detailed race report. It brought back the memories (and a tear or two) of when I was lucky enough to go to Hawaii for the Xterra worlds. What a friggin experience of a lifetime. Thanks Fit Chick! You're an inspiration. BTW, she turned 40 this year.


DailySAHM said...

I have her Every Women's Guide book. Chris bought it for me last year. I didn't learn anything new, but for a newbie it would be a really great book.

Chili said...

I kinda figured that when it said how to buy a bike... thanks for the confirmation! the food remedies book sounded interesting too.