Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Losing It At Work - Day 3

Boy are we having fun... folks are climbing stairs, sharing candy, hush-hush chit chatting in corners, and eating up all the salad in the snack bar. The Biggest Loser competition here at work is working! I hear people say they lost xxx pounds - in two days! I must admit, it's heartwarming to see people getting off their duffs and walking at breaks and lunch. This was what they needed to get moving. Many people simply don't have time outside of work to do any kind of activity. They are moms and dads and kids consume a TON of time. So having co-workers to climb stairs with and walk around city island at work is just what the doctor ordered. I'd say this challenge is a success in many ways. Its also nice to see so much camaraderie. We're normally a fairly quiet group and this challenge brought folks out of their shells. Awesome. And how are my 24 hours of training coming along? Well.... I'm one to listen to my body and after two days and 5 hours of exercise it's saying I'M TIRED - KNOCK IT OFF! So I'm going to slow up a bit to be rested for Sunday's big event (the IRONCROSS!) Granted, those 5 hours weren't too intense (walking at lunch, doing the stairs, core work in the am, ez biking/kayaking), the old bod still recognizes it as exercise and lets me know if it likes it or not. I think I'll still get about 21 hours in for the 9-day period and while my goal was 24 hours, staying in the 20-hour range will work too. My biggest challenge is keeping up the hours with activities that don't stress my system for Sunday. Hmmm.... yoga and stretching anyone?

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