Friday, October 9, 2009

Record Number of Women Entered in 2009 Ironcross

31 gals pre-registered for the 7th annual running of the Irconcross. Every year this race has grown and this year it is capped at 300 of which I think the organizer will reach that max. The women's open division shows the annual growth nicely. The first year had 10 female finishers -- myself and Donna were two of them. The next couple years saw 16, then 9, then 24, 26, and 27 finishers on the women's side. All the while, we all race together as one big happy women's family. That means young, old, professionals and weekend warriors all grouped together unlike the men's division which usually has a Master and Singlespeed class along with the Open class. This year I see at least 3 over-50 gals, several 40 somethings and of course many 30 and 20 somethings. I recognize at least one pro in the mix too. For many years racing with the young gals annoyed me -- I felt it wasn't fair -- and a small part of me STILL thinks its unfair. But the larger part of me knows at age 50, it's officially the race against myself to challenge myself to finish. And that's my goal. Crossing the finish line makes me a winner no matter the placing. And I WILL cross that line, just like I did 3 other times. Ironcross, here I come.

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