Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Biggest Loser At Work - Week 3 Results

Weigh-in day is always fun for our Biggest Loser competition at work. Anything could happen and this week was one of those weeks. We are 24 days into the contest and you can really start to see results on some folks. One girl had very little to lose and she dropped more and now almost looks anorexic -- she agreed she's not going any further. One girl got pregnant and was replaced and our team mate that’s been gaining each week was dumped (siting medication reasons) and we got a replacement for him. Although, I can’t say it’s gonna make much of a difference for us ‘cause there are some teams that are SO into this and are out to win! They are constantly strategizing and they usually win points every week. Our team has too many Execs that 1) don’t exercise enough (although they are now using steps!), and 2) are simply too busy to think about eating/losing weight (one guy gained enough weight this week to weigh more than when he first started!) and 3) joined for the fun of it, and it IS fun. Several folks dropped a little more weight this week, and I only heard one or two putting money in the pot for gaining. One team couldn't participate this week because of a sick team member with the flu (out of the office all week). The guy that dropped 30 pounds in 2 weeks stayed the same this past week – he wasn’t exercising! But I overheard him, and several others talking about going “all out” this coming week for exercise week. It’s actually kind of funny to watch these folks that used to exercise very little if at all, now exercising over 10 hours a week. They are stiff, tired, and hurting (in a good way). One gal was limping like Captain Hook – she totally overdid it, but was happy she did. So the next exercise week will be fun seeing the hours come in. I’m supposed to be on the hot seat for exercise hours this week; but I can’t be sure I’m going to win ‘cause with other folks going “all out,” I’ll have serious competition! (Although I AM starting winter training tonight. Hmmmmm…) And my weight loss so far? I’m totally thrilled – 7.5 pounds overall. I’m officially getting back into the skinny girl clothes of Winter 2006/Spring 2007 and I feel awesome. I went for a run the other night and felt like a lightweight. It was SOO nice to be light on my feet. I’m heading out on the mountain bike on Friday and hopefully will feel the same way climbing up Deep Hollow trail. Very fun stuff.