Monday, October 26, 2009

It's On!

The training logs of years past were dusted off and the Spinervals DVDs are positioned for "play." The winter training is officially underway. Thanks to the Biggest Loser at work, my team mate Donna (can I be on the team for Big Bear next year?), and following the Xterra Worlds, the enthusiasm has returned to get back into the fitness groove. My best fitness years were 2006 and 2007 - the winter I did the 3-hour trainer sessions twice a week with Coach Laub (for those that didn't know, Mike Laub is a certified coach). I believe Laub is still doing those sessions somewhere across the river in Camp Hill, but long hours away from home on Wednesdays and Sundays got to be too old too quick. Preferring to stay closer to home, Troy and the gang put together some awesome DVDs that should help endure those 3-hr sessions on my own. Rick even talked about joining me on occasion. I've been using the 5-DVD Endurance Building set, but recently added the Aero-Builder 5-DVD set and so far really like it. The Hardcore 100 and the Lake Placid Virtual Ride were just ordered and should be equally good. And the goal? Ironcross of course is at the top of the list, and I'd just like to be able to comfortably do long, fun stuff like Big Bear 24 Hour, a couple Adventure races, maybe a 50 miler or two if Kuhn holds them again, and maybe try the Michaux 40-miler again if doesn't decide to dump buckets of water. But the ultimate goal is that good feeling about being fit. That good feeling of no stress and no fat from tons of exercise keeping it at bay. Now THAT'S what its all about.

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