Thursday, October 22, 2009

Biggest Loser at Work - Week 2 Results

There wasn’t as much gleeful cheering for losing weight this week and several folks had to dump dollars into the pot for gaining weight this time around. The guy that lost 15 pounds last week did it yet again this week. Yes I agree – its not healthy. But he claims he’s giving his body a rest now. He was also on the hot seat two weeks in a row and that’s the limit – so he’s pretty much done with the contest (in my opinion). So that means the rest of us have a chance yet! We have four more weeks for the contest. Here are the percentages of weight loss this week:

Fatbusters United – 10.4 lbs & 6.19%
Gut Outtahere -- 2.7 lbs & 1.71%
Slim Gems -- .09 lbs & .19%
Children of the Cornelius – 3.3 lbs & 2.12%
Big Deal - 3 lbs & .94%
High Voltage Lifers – 22.1 lbs & 11.26%
Thinternational – 7.7 lbs & 3.69%
NewPAlite – 1.7 lbs & 1.02%

I’m on team Gut Outtahere. We have a guy on our team that wanted to pay ahead for gaining weight and he’s right… he gained two weeks in a row. Geez! He’s really serious, huh. The excitement is waning a bit, but everyone is still enthused for the most part to try to lose a couple more pounds. I'm still dropping, but not by much (.9 pounds this time). It's focus time for me -- from here on out it will be difficult.

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The Wiser Weiser said...

Our excitement has waned too...i don't even think some of them are trying at all! Maybe next week will be different... :-)