Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two Channels of DTV

Living in rural PA has its benefits – but it doesn’t include cable TV and we’ve always refused to buy a satellite dish for the little television we watch. My brother and his wife pay over $80 a month for satellite – but my sister-in-law used to get home from work, put on her pajamas, and get perched for the night! Of course the satellite price is no different than cable from what I understand so the two are equal. But, never having to pay for TV and then being forced to do so, simply has no appeal. Even the basic satellite package would cost about $35 a month – a monthly cost I believe is too high after years of freebies. Since we have Internet service, I truly could live without TV – but hubby questions if he could. So when the TV stations announced the switch to DTV and we realized we may be TV-less, we started thinking about life without TV. We turned the TV off a couple nights, “watched” the Internet, and bookmarked the local newspaper to catch up on news. Even dear hubby was ok with this – he agreed we didn’t want another monthly bill with satellite TV – although I think he turned the TV on after I went to bed. Hubby was up early on the Saturday morning after the big switch and I reminded him we may not have TV. He plugged in the converter box and did the scan. TWO CHANNELS! We have TV!! It’s Channel 21 and their sister station, Channel 15. He’s enjoying surfing his two channels. Oh this is cool – two channels!!! Not a lot of thought going into “what’s on TV tonight!”


The Wiser Weiser said...

We only have 3! :)

brett said...

...and a Netflix account...we like mooovies better.