Sunday, June 14, 2009

Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

The Stoopid had over 180 folks registered for a perfect-weather 50 mile trek in the woods - I hadn't been training enough and was feeling rather "down" that I couldn't be there too. But those are the choices I made -- either train like a mad woman to do these races and get nothing else done, or attempt to balance a little training and other things in life -- like eating (the organic garden). The Big Bear 24 hour race was also this weekend and my buds were winners! Donna Weiser and her team (SHEENA!!) took first place as did her hubby's Team. It's awesome watching real-time scores - I could feel the energy in the transition tent just like I'm standing there with them. You can see who's riding when and how long its taking them - nice. But that too brought me "down." I wanted to be there, of which I could have and I was regretting not going 'cause my little bit of training would have been ok for this. Yet another weekend brain wave - one year ago today, I crashed and broke my head -- another "down" thought. What if I didn't crash? What would I be racing today? And lastly, Rick went paddling on the Lehigh River on Saturday of which I intended to go along, but the backyard is screaming at me for not paying it enough attention (and I'm taking off work on Tuesday just to work in the garden) so I opted to work in the yard rather than play to reduce some stress levels of things to do (Rick helps very little in the gardens). Rick is usually home by 5:00ish, but at 5:30 he called and said "we're stopping at the 901 Pub for supper." Drat... yet another "down" feeling - we seldom eat out - and I'm not there to join him. That was the icing on the down cake and I started getting depressed - I read menopause will do that. Nothing a little ice cream can't fix; and it did while I was eating it. I came home, went to bed, and woke up Sunday depressed. So what could really fix this emotional duldrum crap? What could bring me out of this slump? How 'bout a nice long ride on my beloved singlespeed. I was thinking maybe a half-stoopid in Weiser would be perfect and it turned out to be a 30 mile-trek - just what the doctor ordered and I felt like a million bucks afterwords. Even today (Monday) I'm still feeling good - no leg issues of which I thought there would be after 30 miles on one gear (did I mention that included 2900 feet of climbing?? Yeh, baby!). Twenty teeth are ideal. I MUST ride more than I do to keep the moods in check. Oh, and the really weird part of the emotional roller coaster ride? I waited for 15 horses to pass me while riding, and when they were all by, I burst into tears! What the heck is up with that?!? But maybe that was the release I needed 'cause I've been fine since. I have to call Barbie and see how her menopause is doing. Can't wait for the next year to be over.

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The Wiser Weiser said...

We missed you Chili! I'm glad you got out to ride! :)