Saturday, June 13, 2009

3rd Annual Tour de Millersburg - August 15 2009

Should I? Dare I? I've never done a road race - I'm thinking it would be fun. (HA!!). Last year Rick and I watched our first criterium, the Tour de Millersburg, and basically said, "holy shit." It was exciting to watch -- crit racers are fearless animals, to say the least. I wanted to enter this race the 1st year, but they didn't have a women's category. Last year, I wasn't racing; but this year..... I'm toying with the idea. I wouldnt' do the crit, but I'd do the time trial on Saturday morning, and the 36 mile road race on Sunday morning. Would they make fun of me in my touring bike? It looks like a road bike - doesn't that count? Ha! So just how fast are the cat 4 women? I'd love to try it. Any takers??? Millersburg is a lovely little community and you'd enjoy the day. (To those that know me, you know I'm just a joker!!!! jill in a road race?!?!)

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