Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stoopid Decision Yet?

Yup... nope. I rode 28 miles in Weiser today and didn't feel all that great and it took me 4 1/4 hours. That means it would take at least 8 hours for the Stoopid and that's a tad too long to sit in a bike seat. I sorta have a twinge in my lower calf too -- reason enough not to be stoopid. AND, its confirmed - a ti bike rides much, much nicer through rocks than aluminum -- today's ride on the aluminum was painful. So this coming weekend is the LEHIGH river on Saturday, then come home and watch the live results for BIG BEAR, and Sunday is another long ride -- maybe a nice road ride for a change -- or a fire road ride.


The Wiser Weiser said...

we did 50 wonderful road miles on Saturday...aaaahhhhhh! ;)

Chili said...

It IS nice to NOT have rocks to plow through every now and then, ain't it! Just smooootttthhh. I actually enjoyed the lehigh rail trail too a couple weeks ago. Damn rocks. :)