Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Only 12 Hours....

My first "team" race ever was a 12-hour race with my bud, Donna Weiser -- that was in 2003 (I think); The Ole Bull Midnight Madness. I fell in love with not only 12-hr (and sometimes 24 hours) races, but the "team" atmosphere and camaraderie. These races are always a good distance away from home -- I think Ole Bull was the closest with about a 3 hr drive. This year, the 12-hour racing is in our back yard and only 50 minutes from home. Kuhn decided to run a 12-hour race at the Festival Weekend this year rather than cross country, and yes, we (well maybe more me than Donna) were all over it. And its this weekend! Am I ready? Dunno. Donna and I will switch back and forth each lap for the duration of the 12 hour period. Each 7-mile lap takes about an hour, so we'll both be doing probably 5 laps for sure - that's 35 miles. No, I haven't ridden 35 trail miles yet this year. I hit 30, but that was it. So maybe I'll be ready, maybe I won't. And we'll have to wait and see how the race goes on Saturday with competition - maybe we'll go faster, maybe we'll go slower. The main goal is F.U.N. And that'll be there for sure. The choice bike for this is the stiff-rear 29er with gears 'cause there's a good bit of climbing. So go register your female team and join Donna and I on Saturday!

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