Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It appears the organizers of the Stoopid are still trying to figure out the start of the race – “base” camp - the Tussey Parking Lot? It’s only 10 days away! I emailed the organizer this morning asking for directions to the start to see if I can get any more information. Does this mean I’m doing it?? I’m still on the fence. Part of me thinks 50 miles is no big deal – its just a ride in the woods and it’ll be great training. Janice said its a beautiful ride -- great training for the Ironcross with the hike a bike section (although the Ironcross is 4 months away -- so how much will this really benefit that?!) Another part of me thinks, “shit girl – you’ve only done 27 miles so far this year. 50 miles is gonna PAIN you big time – if you finish.” Yet another side of me says screw the $60 bucks and take your beloved single speed and ride for 5 hours in Weiser for free one day, then kayak the Lehigh with Ricky the next. But then the final part of me says “but they have a Women Master 45+ category! How often does that happen? There was only one gal last year -- join her this year! Shouldn’t you go support the organizer for having the category?” Yes, I should. I have until June 12 to register…. I think I’ll let the cards fall as they may up to the 12th – and they will! And I’ll have my answer next week.