Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where's My Camera For Those Unusual Amish Shots

We live in the heart of Amish country and I can't begin to count the times I wished I had my camera for some unique Amish moments: carrying a kayak on top of a buggy, flying an Eagles flag on top of the buggy, getting gas in a Volkswagen at the gas station, swimming in their "pool", seeing the NASCAR sticker on the back of the buggy, and wearing Halloween costumes. Today, at the YMCA was another one of those times. Yes -- THE AMISH AT THE YMCA! There were 4 boys. Two had their full gear on complete with suspenders and bowl haircuts (minus the hats), and the other two disguised themselves a bit by pulling out their t-shirts and losing the suspenders. (Although Rick said their pants would fall down without the suspenders, so he thought maybe if they were smart, they'd put the suspenders under the t-shirt.) I've been having kind of a crazy week with my mom in rehab (broken hip), hip, we had company, and I'm already stressing myself out helping my dad with cooking, washing, cleaning, etc), so this was the highlight of my week/weekend and I could hardly hold back the giggles. Picture it: Amish boy on a stepper. Amish boy on the quad extension machine. Amish boy on the treadmill next to me spending 10 minutes pushing the buttons and finally when he gets going, he turns around and walks backwards. OMG. It was an entertaining afternoon to finish out the weekend.

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