Sunday, January 30, 2011

TSE Winter Training in PA

I just don't understand why some folks don't like the bike trainer. There are no stop signs, traffic, bumps in the road or trail to slow you, logs, thorns, flats, ripped off derailleurs, busted links, bloody legs/arms, concussions, broken front teeth, heavy camelbaks, running out of water or super high and super low heart rates. Just nice, easy, steady, concentrated spinning for 4 hours. What's not to love about that! Oh, that's right.... boredom, sore ass, sore hands, painful back, throbbing knees, boredom, painful ass, sore hands, painful back, throbbing knees, deliriousness and repeating oneself... I loved Donna's comment, "This sucks." And when I congratulated her on finishing it she said, "never again if I can help it." Saturday's plan called for 4 hours of riding -- no other options. Of course Central PA had it's normal spitting snow kinda-weather. While Fit Chick gave me some inspiration with her quest to ride in any weather, I decided to save it for today (Sunday) and get out for the five hour ride in a little sunshine. So Saturday was a 4-hour trainer session. The ONLY thing that gets me through them is Coach Troy. I haven't found anything better to break the monotony and focus on the ride. Thanks Troy. And today? I'm going it alone for five glorious hours. Dear hubby won't have anything to do with 30 degree temps and is heading for the YMCA. I think I'll follow Fit Chick's lead from last week and take the fat tires out on back country roads. I'll send a postcard.

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