Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just A Little Intimidated

What the heck did we get ourselves into!? The Trans-ylvania Epic organizers posted updated course description info. Holy climbing-legs Batman. Buttercup is going to have to BUCK UP big time to get through this one. Screw the cold weather and wussy attitude -- get out and RIDE Buttercup! The tally for the weekly mileage of the TSE comes in at 232 miles and the climbing is currently at 21,200 feet WITHOUT the biggest climbing day added into that. I'm guessing the climbing will top out at over 30,000 feet for the week? Jesus! My jeans won't fit until I'm done this one. Rick will kick my butt if I have to get new clothes. I'm already slightly bulging out of my pants (he says I'm just fat -- I say its solid ass muscle - teehee). Stage 2, Rothrock Cooper's Gap is the day that intrigues me most mainly because that's the day that took the longest for most riders last year. It's 43 miles and 5,300 feet of climbing. Yeh. The plan is to ride 40 miles of the Rattling 50 a couple times this spring to prepare for this stage. And I'm totally ready for spring. The enthusiasm to ride is there more than ever - thanks to the TSE and my bud Donna for entering too. Here's a tally of each stage:

Sunday 5/29 Stage 1: Bald Eagle Prologue; 10 miles, 1400 ft climbing
Monday 5/30 Stage 2: Rothrock Cooper’s Gap – Cross country. 43 miles. 5,300 ft climbing
Tuesday 5/31 Stage 3: Bald Eagle Coburn – Cross country. ~45 miles. no mention of climbing)
Wednesday 6/1 Stage 4: Raystown Lake – Cross country. 45 miles. 7,000 ft climbing (!?)Thursday 6/2 Stage 5: Mini XC’s at R.B. Winter. 28 miles. 2,200 ft climbing
Friday 6/3 Stage 6: Rothrock Tussey Mountain – Cross country. 38 miles. 5,300 ft climbing
Saturday 6/4 Stage 7: Bald Eagle Little Poe – Cross country. ~23 miles. no mention of climbing

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