Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh My My - O O O O O-O O O O

He said it had to be H.A.R.D. the last hour and it was. What got it that way? "Now That's What I call Club Hits." Imagine that, Buttercup shaking her bootie to Club Hits and enjoying it - especially Usher's OMG (note for file, memorize the words and have fun with it..."honey got a bootie like pow, pow, pow,..."). What a dweeby dork. But it worked, so what does it matter. Yes kids, she made it yet another 3 hours on the trainer. The heart rate was absolutely perfect at 140 - about 78% of max which is the perfect endurance zone. She also opted NOT to eat so many carbs this time around 'cause those damn carby things are making her bootie cheesey. Yuk - a cheesey buttercup butt. Not pretty. And her training partner stayed in her cage today, but Simone, the senegal parrot, loves to sit on her shoulder. What a gal.

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