Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rest Week From Training

I swear my mom planned falling and breaking her hip on my rest week. It was supposed to be a week of rest to spend time with my brother-in-law visiting us from Florida, and the same night he arrived, mom broke her hip. So I've "rested" by spending time in the ER, running to see her (1 1/4 hour drive one way), cooking, cleaning, and washing clothes for my dad, and in between it all, spending time with Kerry and Mary. Oh, and yes, I did a little very easy training. It was mostly core work with only 4 hours of riding bike (that's what was on the plan). Yesterday and today I got outside which was really, really nice. Instead of driving to the trails, I rode from the house to save some time and took it off-road as best I could including riding through a field that I didn't realize thawed and ended up caking my tires with mud. That was fun. The upcoming week will be interesting with cooking for dad, seeing mom in rehab, working, and getting in some training hours. One day at a time will be best. Better yet, one hour at a time starting at about 3:30 am. What better time to "buck up!"

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