Saturday, January 29, 2011

Could Rick and I Be Food Snobs? Are My Friends Too?

A food snob is defined a number of ways with the ultimate definition basically being someone who doesn't eat the norm -- someone who prefers what everyone else doesn't. Snobsite takes a food snob to the extreme and puts them high on a pedastal -- above everyone else.
From Snobsite: Whereas you favor potatoes and onions, he traffics in celeriac and garlic scapes. Whereas you’re keen on Granny Smiths, he insists that you haven’t even tasted an apple until you’ve sampled a Newtown Pippin. Whereas you regard your outdoor gas grill as just wonderful, he grills only with fruitwoods and mesquite, brushing the coals with moistened vine cuttings when available.

Is there such a thing as a quasi-food snob because this week Rick and I came to realize we think that's what we are. We both had invites to office luncheons and we both scanned the menus of our co-workers choices of places to eat and stated, "there's not much on this menu I'd eat." The locales were very popular, well-known, and the vast majority of folks just love the food - except Rick, me, and one of Rick's co-workers, Chris. My office co-worker's choice was Zembies on Second Street in Harrisburg (known for their hot wings) and Rick's was Gilligans. The first thing Rick looks at is calories. It's hard to believe that an "average" plate is about 1,200 calories at lunch. That would be for a typical, all-american sandwich and chips/fries with a drink of some sort. The first thing I look for is meatless and dairyless choices. It's very, very hard to find a meal without meat OR cheese. Chris takes the vegetarian a step further and looks for eggless. He's pretty much choiceless in that area except for a house salad unless there's no hard-boiled egg on it (although he will eat cheese which gives him a few more choices). All of us were dismayed to find very few choices on the menu for any of us. On the way home from work Rick and I said, "we're food snobs!" Maybe we're not the extremists snobsite talks about, but we definitely find little on the average restaurant menu. Now that Donna and I decided to skip the stress of preparing our own food for TSE, I'm stressing over what will they serve us for $250! I'm absolutely going vegan (no dairy, no meat) because I can't bare the thought of caged animal meat or eggs unless they serve free-range, local meat (will they?), but I'm not happy over the rest of the meal which I'll just have to buck up and eat. I can't imagine they'll have organic vegetables, nor nutrient-packed quinoa, soy protein, or texturized vegetable protein. What about some iron-rich lentil salad or soup? I'm likely still take some of my own food (definitely soy protein) or take food bars of some sort. Ha. I just realized, I AM a food snob! Just call me the snobby Buttercup!


DailySAHM said...

We're not food snobs, we're healthy eaters. It's those who eat high calories, high fat, crappy for them food who call us food snobs because it makes them feel a little less guilty about their disgusting eating habits. I want to feel sorry for them, but I find it hard, instead I just feel disgusted by them.

Chili said...

Oh I like your thought process... how true!

Chili said...
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