Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekend Trips? Not This Year!

I asked Rick this morning if he wanted to do any “trips” this year like we’ve been doing for the past 7-8 years: Ole Bull Midnight Madness, 12 Hours of Lodi, Xterra Regional Championship in Richmond (Worlds in Maui????!?!), Ohiopyle over-the-falls weekend, etc. And his answer was, “no.” We haven’t really done any trips since that fateful trip to Richmond last year and we’ve both gotten out of the groove of long weekend trips. We’ve been running around for so many years, that this is the year we’re gonna stay close-to-home. Even last weekend was what I now consider a “long drive” compared to other years – its was a two-hour drive to Caledonia State Park to ride bike. I guess I won’t be doing that one too often. So here’s the outlook for the summer:

Paddling the Red Mo (two-hr drive, but it’s an all-day fun time once a year), Dauphin Narrows, Lehigh River, maybe the Nescopeck if it comes up, and maybe the Tohickin (Rick).
Mountain Biking in Weiser State Forest, Swatara, and maybe a trip or two to Michaux to ride with our friends who ALL seem to live next to Michaux (even our kayaking friends!). RB Winter is only an hour away, so maybe I’ll think about heading up there for a ride or two – just a thought at this point.

So the summer is set – staying close to home - Doing what we want, when we feel like it. Oh… and I think I’ll stay out of the mud too for a change. Isn’t it a novel idea NOT to ride in the mud and not have a need to scrub your bike?

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