Thursday, March 5, 2009

The "New" Northern Dauphin County YMCA

Cut a little kid loose in a candy store and what do you get? A sick kid. Cut little Ricky Brown and toothless Chili loose in a newly expanded YMCA and what do you get? Two hicks staring at contraptions saying, "wat duz that wun do huny? Looky...these here channels go real high -- and there not fuzzy and jiggly either!" We are WAY too countrified. Well, I guess I'm the countried one cause Rick had to show ME what some of the machines did. And how 'bout those monitors on the equipment? And suspended running machines (its called an AMT, or adaptive motion Technology machine and it adapts to your motion of stepping, running, striding -- its cool! I can run and not pee my pants!). Assisted dip and chin-up equipment? Incline benches (yup...the old Y didn't even have an incline bench), A back extension machine! The Smith Squat! Leg presses! Shit I'm in heaven. The Smith and the presses were in another room before this new room was built, but Rick and I never went down there -- it was mostly the hardcore hanging out and we simply felt uncomfortable. So we have all this crazy equipment, all these choices and what was the one piece of equipment I'm looking all over the place for? Yup -- where's the bike. I saw three recumbents and paid no attention -- where are the spin bikes? No... no spin bikes, but it IS a fairly nice, new upright bike with tension (the old one didn't have any tension - ARGH!!) There's only one - but it has my name on it and everyone knows it and stays off of it. :)

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