Monday, March 16, 2009

Soooo Saddddd

Damn I'm missing racing after reading about ALL the fun ALL my friends had at the Michaux Mash. I read Miss Donna's wondrous report/results, and said to hubby, "Rick, I'm really missing racing." And do you know what he says to me? "I think you're missing some teeth, not racing." I love him so much. And then he says, "Do you think you could have done 3 laps on your singlespeed? Probably not -- not even on your good days." I REALLY love him SO much.


So here's some good write-ups -- the first by the one and only Brettster, a.k.a Chief Chef. And a HUGE congrats to my bud, Miss Donna for placing 9th out of 21 girls! Speaking of 21 girls, when will race organizers FINALLY realize the girls have come out... now give them a fair shake and divide up the categories! There were at least half of them that were Masters (that I know of). And about 5 of them between 45 and 50 and even over 50! Love those master women riders -- go get 'em girls!

I miss racing.

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