Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can't Wait to Finally RIDE!!!

The enthusiasm is finally back -- it could be the warmer temps, it could be reading about the Michaux Mash and cyring over not being there with my buds, it could be that hubby and I have finally agreed that we just ain't gonna be doing the same things all summer, or it could be that I started registering for events. What got the ball rolling was Kuhn's announcement of the Dirt Rag World Tour stopping at the Farm in Marysville on June 27-28, and he's changing up the XC race to a 12-Hour Team Relay Race this time around. I LOVE 12-HOUR RACES! Ole Bull was always a fav (I think I did it 5 times), and I really enjoyed the 12 hours of LODI, but both aren't exactly in our backyards (6 hour trek to Lodi, 3+ for Ole Bull). Kuhn's IS in our backyard. I'm psyched. Singlespeed Donna and I are doing a duo. It would be nice if Kuhn had a duo category for the girls, but somehow I get the feeling that just ain't gonna happen given Kuhn was always against categories with only a handful of people in them (mainly the women's categories -- although I'd argue that with some of the men's masters categories that could be combined). Sooo... I have a schedule for the summer! DW also formed a Tour de Cure Team and added a 17-mile mountain challenge this year in Michaux. Of course I was all over that -- mainly 'cause I SO support raising $$ for diabetes given my mama is a Type 1 Diabetic (So JOIN DONNA'S TEAM -- SUPPORT MY MAMA!) But I also like the idea of a mountain ride for a change. I find road riding B.O.R.I.N.G. And then there's the Rattling 50 Marathon -- how could I NOT do a Weiser race - even more in my backyard than Kuhn's Farm. Then our own RCST BASH -- oh what fun it is. And last, but not least, what I'm calling my 50th Birthday present, is the IRONCROSS. Yup, I'm going for number 5 this year ( maybe on the singlespeed??), one week before my 50th Birthday -which by the way, I'm sharing the year and the 50th celebration with BARBIE. Yup, me and Barbie are the big 50. I think Madonna hits 50 too this year. Did you know 50 is actualy 18 with 32 years of experience. Oh yeh. So tomorrow starts the long rides getting ready for the summer events. I'm going about the "training" a bit differently and only riding no more than 3 times a week this time around. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

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The Wiser Weiser said...

WOO HOO!!!! She's back!! We love you Chili!!! thanks for the TdC plug... :)