Monday, March 30, 2009

Last Roll Session

Yesterday was the last of the indoor kayak roll sessions in the comfort of warmth and cleanliness. Tomorrow starts the outdoor season in coldness and muck. Well, for me its the start of the season -- Rick's been kayaking outside for about a month now with his other die-hard friends. I, on the other hand, am a wimp and prefer a bit warmer temps. But 60 degrees is warm enough so tomorrow it all starts. It would have started this past Saturday at the Red Mo, but the Creek was WAY too low this year, so we didn't go. Every week, all summer, Rick and I will bring the boats and gear along to work one day and spend an evening after work in the Dauphin Narrows. We'll attain, surf, eddy in and out, and generally just practice paddling technique in prep for the "bigger" stuff. Well, maybe Rick will do the bigger stuff. I prefer the Lehigh at the 750 cfs level (I did it at 1250 last year, and swam twice -- UGH!) Some of our friends hit the Gunpowder this weekend and Rick was showing me pictures. No way.... Again, I'm a wimp and will stick to class 2 with a touch of 3. (the Gunpowder is a solid 3). Rick keeps thinking I'm gonna get "better" and can do the bigger stuff. Maybe I don't WANT to do bigger stuff. I had to remind him of my love of endurance flatwater paddling. Seems he's forgotten about my beauty of a flatwater boat I'm just dying to get in the water.

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