Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still a Sucker - After all These Years

Now that I ride much less and spend much more time at home, it appears I've fallen back into the same routines I had years ago, although years ago they came on VHS tapes, nowadays its strictly DVD. Yup, tapes work wonders. I like them because they are focused, in the comfort of my own home, and I need a "leader". Lord knows I can't do this stuff on my own AND living in Timbuktu doesn't give me a lot of opportunities to go to Yoga class. Sretching, core work, and yoga are all very focused (in my opinion), so I've been adding these type of videos to my collection of Jane Fonda and 20-minute workout from the 80's. (teehee). The other thing I really like about them is I can do them when I get up at 4:00ish, and then I'm done for the day, or can go bike riding or kayaking if I feel like it. Nice.

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