Thursday, March 19, 2009

Metal Mouth - Part Two

While most of you are enjoying riding and gorgeous weather, I'm enjoying the ZIRA face again. Yup, FINALLY phase 2 of the dental implants happened on Tuesday. For those that need a refresher, last year I knocked out two of my front teeth in a stupid (really stupid) bike crash and it was decided dental implants would be best. Its a long process with a lot of healing and waiting in between. Last August, I had the tooth extraction and the bone grafting which healed very nicely over the past 7 months. This week was Part 2 - the insertion of the implants. I'm so grateful for the psychoactive drugs 'cause when I heard the mini jack-hammer, if it wouldn't have been for the Lorazepem, I probably would have ran for the door. Yup... imagine a tiny, mini jack hammer hammer in your jaw making way for the titanium. Hey -- I'll match my singlespeed! The other not-quite-pleasant part was the sewing on of the gum tissue. There was a lot of "shrinkage" and the Doc had to graft on some extra gum tissue. I have a little difficulty looking into my butchered mouth -- there's stitches, blood, swollen tissue, and of course, metal amongst it all. What a joy -- but one step closer to the finished product some time in August or September - that's when my dentist builds me two lovely new caps for the titanium posts. That'll be a day of celebration.

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brett said...

wow. heal up quick!